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As you age, your skin’s production of collagen and elastin fibers slow, leading to the formation of wrinkles and volume loss. At DWH Medical Center in Allentown and Quakertown, Pennsylvania, Danny Hernandez, MD, CIME, provides Botox® injections as well as dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of your wrinkles and help you look younger. Call the office or make an appointment online today to find out how you can look more youthful.

Botox Q & A

What is Botox?

Botox is an FDA-approved injectable cosmetic treatment derived from the botulinum toxin. The serum has been used since 2002 to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. Additionally, many patients are starting to have Botox injections in their 20s to prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place.

Over the years, doctors have found additional uses for Botox such as reducing excessive sweating and relieving headaches and migraines.

How does Botox work?

Botox temporarily relaxes the tiny muscles of your face that are responsible for the micromovements needed for smiling, frowning, and other facial expressions. The muscles pull your skin into folds and creases, and as your skin loses elasticity, it isn’t able to bounce back to smoothness. However, as Botox relaxes those tiny facial muscles, the skin covering them also releases and smooths for a youthful and wrinkle-free appearance.

After a Botox injection, you should see the effects in 24-48 hours as it takes a little time for the drug to take effect and for your skin to relax. Everyone metabolizes Botox slightly differently, but you’ll need touch-up appointments every now and then to maintain your smooth and youthful appearance. Some patients find that over time their muscles and skin are “trained” to relax, and they need less frequent injections to maintain their look.

Are there other injectable cosmetic treatments available?

In addition to Botox injections, Dr. Hernandez offers treatments using products from both the Juvéderm® and Restylane® dermal filler lines. Dermal fillers are gels made from collagen or hyaluronic acid that replace lost volume in your lips and skin. Dr. Hernandez can literally fill in your wrinkles with dermal filler injections or plump your lips or cheeks if collagen loss has decreased the natural contour of your features.

Dr. Hernandez also provides Latisse® treatments to stimulate eyelash growth for thicker longer lashes.

If signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and volume loss are making you feel like you look old and negatively impacting your self-confidence, call DWH Medical Center or book a consultation online today to learn how Dr. Hernandez can take years off your face with Botox and other injectable cosmetic treatments.